Visit the Exhibition "Garments of the Spagnuolo" (Perez – Alfinito – Scudiero)

With the Exhibition "Garments of the Spagnuolo" professor Perez, the stage designer Alfinito and the costume designer Scudiero propose the first realization of a Project in progress, aimed at enhancing the enormous wealth of clothes and accessories present in the collection of the Palazzo dello Spagnuolo (at street Vergini in the Rione Sanità, in Naples).

The garments are made on vintage patterns, with high-quality fabrics, and are certainly valuable for their absolute beauty and philological attention that characterizes the packaging. But the authors of the exhibition also intend to propose a historic and cultural reading of garments, as a testimony of various periods to which they belong.

NAPLES inVITA is proud to support this project by no doubt identity value.

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The pictures are made by Lucio Criscuolo, Member of Naples invites