Shoulder to shoulder with… Rotary Geneva

The Association WELCOMES the GENEVA ROTARY CLUB invites FROM NAPLES 20 At 22 JUNE 2014

The tourist season in Naples does not end with may of monuments, but continues with various cultural tours organized by various associations of Naples.

The Association NAPLES invites,born in Rione Sanità , will host approximately 40 members of the Rotary Club by Geneva from 20 at 22 June 2014.
The Association, through the project Shoulder to shoulder, aims to raise awareness Naples And the Neapolitan to friends of the Rotary Club in an unconventional way, far from the stereotypical. The Association does not intend to replace the guides, but rather welcome friends in a convivial feel starring and not guests of the city.

The Association invites NAPLES – born about one year ago to claim beauty of the territories and civil rights of citizens – He already has several initiatives in the field and holds to point out that by the end of the year there will be important projects for the Rione Sanità.