From November 2018 in may 2019 Naples invites, in collaboration with the theatre collective “Creative Delirium” (HTTPS://, achieved this socio-cultural project financed with funds of & #8217; Eight per thousand evangelical Baptist Christian Union #8217; dell & d & #8217; Italy (UCEBI).

The project was divided into two phases, that have developed in parallel: conducting a workshop inspired by a particular methodology that includes l & #8217; theatrical techniques through the use of body #8217 &;, the voice of rhythm and improvisation #8217 &;; the original staging of the show “Unhappy nights”, brought on tour in places of special social significance.

Mental distress, abortion, femicide, are some of the themes that "live" this show, born from the decades-long activity of the collective "Creative Delirium" and inspired by the “raw flesh” of drama workshops held in jail, recovery communities, psychiatric hospitals and schools. "Unhappy nights” It is also a vision in which one breathes the atmosphere of Beckett's "happy days", text from Bappa #8217; author and transfigured and put at the service of the voice of & #8217; actress Federica Pole who plays a woman trapped in a (Not) place: an asylum, the end of the world or a dream? Who knows! The woman rails against a world that l & #8217; listen, I don't understand why maybe l & #8217; he recluse, moved away, hidden cam. Suffer too to hear his truth he knows about loss of humanity, violence, and fear. The woman just wants to be understood, would take its place, a meeting space that in times like ours is getting harder to find. And everyone is left only to itself, for eliminating the “wild beasts” all & #8217; corner of dark streets, in unhappy nights, that seem to never end.

The show was staged at the”Former OPG Occupied – Je so’ crazy” di Napoli (Social Center that handles, among other things, branches help to immigrants and people with socio-economic difficulties), at the”Attenuated Housing Institute” in Eboli (Salerno) (in which the inmates are involved in theatrical activities), at the “Fair Trade Store” di Napoli (space for socio-cultural events and for the marketing of fair market products), at the Anti-Violence Center “Spazio donna S. Basilio” of Rome (established by social safil industries “Be Free” that fight against trafficking, violence and discrimination), and at the center of hospitality “Grow Together” ONLUS di Napoli (Association that, founded as a drug rehabilitation centre, has also developed as a reception centre for immigrants and homeless).

Guests staying at these places was represented “Unhappy nights” they were very involved from the reflections proposed by performance and have grasped the deeper message, the possibility of “unveiling” the beauty hidden in each of us, even those living situations of hardship and social exclusion.