SUBSCRIPTION TO THE "CRAFT LAB, Creativity and traditions – ACT LAB 2.0 "

The Association no profitNAPLES invites. People Ideas Works for social development of the city ", in collaboration with "Grow Together ", the Theatre Company "Creative Delirium" and the Institute "Religious Teachers Filippini ", organized – with the support of funds Eight per thousand of the Waldensian Church – the laboratory Alert object, as stated below.


1.1 The workshop is intended for anyone who manifests interest to carry out activities indicated below 2, in the belief of the value of creativity and of the traditions as an opportunity for personal development and social.

1.2 The notice is addressed, especially to men & women age between the 8 and the 13 years. In case of requests in very large number compared to organizational possibilities, account will be taken of particular situations of socio-economic hardship of the persons concerned.

2. Features and contents of the laboratory

2.1 The laboratory is free

2.2 The lines of activity the workshop are:

in) ceramic crafts, with particular reference to the Nativity scene crafts;

b) Bookbinding and paper crafts;

c) theatrical and musical activities;

d) learning support activities (CD. After-school activities) and experiential learning activities (via theme on the territory);

and) popular photo library: Vintage photo collection into a digitized archive.

2.3 The workshop takes place in period October 2016may 2017, in afternoon hours. In particular:

2.3.1 the following activities are held at the Community Growing Together ONLUS (the former Convent of the Immaculate Conception and Saint Vincent), at p.tta S. Vincenzo to sanity on the following days:

– crafts of ceramics and crib: Friday, hours 16.30 – 18.30,

After-school activities: from Monday, at Friday, hours 16.30 – 18.30;

2.3.2 the following activities will take place at the Institute Religious Teachers Filippini, in vico S. Maria della Purità, 2 (St cross. Teresa degli Scalzi):

– crafts of paper: Thursday,, hours 15.45 – 16.45,

– activities plays and music: Tuesday,, hours 14.30 – 16.30;

2.3.3 the visits to the experiential activities on the territory are organized at least Once a month, in relation to topics covered during other workshop activities;

2.3.4 the collection of vintage photos is organized during the other workshop activities.

3. How to register

3.1 The application can be sent by email sent to the address [email protected], or by phone at n. 328 46 19 744 (Luigi Mingrone, President of the Association "Naples invites"); indicating:

  • name and surname of the person concerned and of at least one parent (This is not necessary if the person concerned has attained the 18 years);
  • place and date of birth;
  • place of residence or domicile of the family of the person concerned (or of the person concerned, If the same accomplished 18 years);
  • any school or education and class or course or other activity or occupation;
  • activities of interest among those sub 2.2 (possibly in order of preference);
  • email and/or telephone number of at least one parent (or of the person concerned, If the same accomplished 18 years).

3.2 The request must be signed by at least one parent and accompanied by photocopy of its identity document (If the person concerned has attained the 18 years the request will be signed by the same person concerned and accompanied by a photocopy of the identity document). The signature and the photocopy of the document will be collected at the first day of attendance at Laboratory.

4. Information

For information on the General Organization of the laboratory and the Association NAPLES invites you can contact Luigi Mingrone, President of the Association, tel. n. 328 46 19 744 or via email at [email protected] .

For specific laboratory activities, You can contact the tutor using the details below.

in) Crafts of ceramics and art crib:

Mario Vania, Tel. 347 63 34 315,; email: [email protected]

b) Bookbinding and paper craft activity:

Frances Landry, Tel. 338 72 40 562,, email: [email protected]

c) Theatrical and musical activities

Federica Palo, Tel. 329 80 40 580,, e.mail: [email protected]

d) After-school activities

Rosario Fiorenza, Tel.: 338 48 80 652; email: [email protected]

The views on the territory And the collection of photos will be treated, respectively, by Joanna Genetasio (Tel. 345 28 84 034) and by Michael Green (Tel. 380 50 99 533).