One of the most interesting news of "craft Lab, Creativity and tradition – ACT Lab 2.0 "is our" Lab outdoor"dedicated to all the young participants to other courses. This is an initiative to raise awareness, the boys, the territory in which they live, to stimulate the social sense and belonging to the places, the understanding of society through its signals and its history.

We often take for granted what surrounds us, accustomed as we are to what we see.

Participants in the "Lab outdoor”, are invited from teachers to go for walks aware in the neighborhood where they live usually – but also in other parts of town – to understand the story, the secrets, Discover the treasures. The district becomes a experiential soil where youth can find their own guidance and various landmarks, human and cultural.

Many of the students that our workshops are intended for are of the Sanità district, others go to school at the Institute "religious teachers Filippini" at Materdei (a neighborhood just bordering, that reach on foot or by subway every morning from different neighborhoods).

None of them, in both cases, had never been to Palazzo dello Spagnuolo, in via Virgins, a symbol of the ward for both architectural quality, that makes it one of the most popular buildings in Naples (destination of visit from scores of tourists), both for the cultural events of great value, promoted by numerous different urban realities, who over the years have alternated in their apartments. We refer to the Morra Foundation which has hosted numerous exhibitions and artistic events of international level; the Museum of Guarattelle; and also ... with a bit of disappointment, to the rooms that should be used as a Museum of toto, but that still remain closed.

On the mezzanine floor of the building there is also another very important piece of this interesting cultural mosaic, or Kaleidoscope, as elsewhere (Click here to view) was defined on our site: the "View of the Sagnuolo dresses”. We always come back to visit this wonder put together by passion and expertise of professor Massimo Perez , son of the well known sculptor Augustus that the Palace possessed of the apartments, costume designer and set designer Francesca Romana Clelio Alfinito Squire.

Were the same Alfinto and Squire to explain, in the course ofmeeting out door of 10 February 2018, the importance of keeping alive, through an accurate historiographical research and careful and wise practice manual, the historical legacy handed down to us by past generations. They showed kids how, For example, paper models of clothes shown in "Encyclopédie"of Diderot and D'alambert, You can take clothes in all respects identical to those actually worn by our great-uncles French.

No costumes then, modern although inspired by past fashions, but able, among other things, offer endless answers to young and old on the customs of our ancestors.

Besides the curiosity of kids that Peris and Squire have been able to satiate, stretching a lot and with pleasure, in the explanations, It is offering our young fellow citizens the ability to open – a short walk from their homes – a window on a hitherto unknown reality, that speaks a language of words and wisdom traditions new, able to broaden their horizons by much.

We have also started, with this first meeting, to weave a NET by Attractions known, and People active in the area capable of providing new stimuli and positive examples to young creative minds that our workshops are aimed.

Santosh Dahal