Last Saturday 14 April 2018 the subsoil of Naples opened another of its mysterious doors and led, tutors and guys in the Lab " outdoor"the ACT project-Lab 2.0 (Crafts, Creativity and tradition), such AcquaQuiglia, the fabulous the underground Kingdom of Mr. Vincenzo Galiero (the original name literally means ' water of the shell ', or water source, and is a homage to a 16th century fountain in the shape of a shell that once stood in piazza Santa Maria La Nova in Naples historic centre).

A professional locksmith, Vincenzo is descended from a family of baccalaiuoli and a few years ago found himself the owner of bass, via Fontanelle, where his ancestors lived and worked, for decades, their work in contact with water. Water with which to clean and work the white fish and savory that even now is Prince of our boards, sublime interpreter of our wonderful culinary tradition: the cod, even better codfish, If salted; rapier, or Stockfish, If air dried. Machining, that until a few generations ago, has given wealth to this neighborhood from which the workshops (even those of leather, from which came the shoes more comfortable and beautiful and most precious gloves, now seem entirely disappeared).

The District of Fontanelle (adjacent to the Rione Sanità), We've gone through to get from Vincenzo, It winds around a street that has the progress slow and sinuous in the bed of a river – or by a stream, rather – that from the high hills of Naples, flowed down the steep until you get here and continued for via Foria passing by Virgins. There was a lot of water to the Fountains and even now – He pointed out Luca's father (one of the guys participating locations) – If walking ebbs, We hear it gurgle, as it passes under the road. Otherwise why call this area "Fontenelle"? – We observed.

But the place is also famous for another reason: The Tuff, the yellow stone porous, easy to work with but with which it was made Naples. Mixed the mortar sand Pozzolana, made this city the first modern-day New York: with high-rises that seemed, at the time, they wanted to challenge the sky ... and earthquakes. Even today along neighboring roads via Fontanelle open like dark caverns the tufa quarries from which come the Earth breath scented bullies. Pass out front is pleasant, especially the summer, When the scorching and humid you in a stranglehold. The most important quarry, large and impressive is the home of the famous cimitero delle Fontanelle.

For quarries, due to the presence of land, gardens and uncultivated areas and for the slower pace that has life here, Although just a few steps from the bombastic Piazza San Vincenzo, at drinking fountains you seem almost to be in countryside.

Vincenzo He therefore inherited down, and annexes underground environments with the tanks and all, in one of the, today, the city's poorest. Even as a child he had heard that those dungeons were actually two ancient cisterns, and were visible in fact even then channels that opened up and that made up the walls of the wells above. A few years ago he, then, decided to restore those environments and try to empty the other three, whose tradition of his family had bequeathed the memory. Today are visible, Thanks to the passion and stubbornness of Vincenzo, five wells linked together, carved by chisel into the Tuff tender and covered with low of Opus signinum, as already the Greeks and then the Romans used to do.

The place is very impressive and looks like a small and nice the underground Museum. Alongside the materials found, from different periods – glasses, majolica, bottles (whose forms are evolving in step with the times), But even a few WWII helmets – which constitute a veritable stratigraphy with pieces ranging from the seventeenth century to the present day, Vincenzo has placed his wonderful collection of tiles from which is a decent connoisseur. Books and ancient relics make the site even more inviting AcquaQuiglia, giving it the flavor of a Museum of wonders, as they used more than a century ago, When still so much importance was of astonishment. Modern there is a nice program to events and theatrical and musical performances to which invite you to participate in.

Next the eyes marveled of the boys, When they found out that the signs that they saw on the walls are precisely those chisels and how many valuable treasures and legends hides the subsoil, lingers the passion of a man for his story and that of the places where his family lives.

Thanks Vincent, We hope to be many who come visit, in via Fontanelle 106 and let yourself be enchanted by your enthusiastic tales.