Next Tuesday, 5 June at 17,30, in Theatre theIstituto Maestre Pie Filippini " will be staged on musical Notre Dame de Paris played by students of the same Institute, as part of the initiative "ACT Lab 2.0" (Craft lab, Creativity and tradition) organized by the "Naples in Life", with the support of funds of 8 per thousand of the Waldensian Church.

It might be fun and educational Theater for a child it is difficult to understand from the atmosphere to the lab held at the school from two beautiful tutor Federica Palo and Silvia Roman, coworkers in this as in other experiences they see acting and music go hand in hand and complement each other.

The boys arrive at the theatre in dribs and drabs, wearing the school uniform and compressed energy of hours spent in the pews. It only takes a few seconds and all the tensions of the day seem to melt in a wave of industrious merriment. You have on stage, before untidily, then each finds its place. It takes a while to get rid of euphoria that won't allow them even to listen to the advice of tutor… but then seems to make the right energy to start.

The music, one dedicated to the master Composer to this appassionantissima story, begins and, following the rhythm, one of the guys, Gabriele, from the back of the room begins to move toward the stage. The audience is not there. I'm the only one sitting on a Chair in the audience. The audience is not there but it is as if there were. "Il Cantastorie" – makes me Jolly, a little girl sitting next to me that until then I had not noticed – "it is he who tells the whole story. I realize only now her. "What part do?” – I ask her softly, so as not to disturb the companions who Meanwhile began to implement the first scene. "I?” – He asks with a mixture of shyness and pride – "I'm Esmeralda!"– answers. Still not got his turn and wait a little nervous. She plays one of the main roles, and evidently this privilege the fills of responsibility.

Launching a look at the other guys, You'll immediately notice how much take to this job, than everyone will feel proud. Day after day, week after week, the tutor Federica and Silvia have helped the boys to shape, character and voice to various characters in the story, waking up and putting it to work, in students, even the most hidden talents.

"Were the same kids who decided to make the musical, Notre Dame de Paris " – I explained then Federica, one of the two tutor. "I must say that at the beginning the story of Quasimodo was a bit of an excuse to work on something they would love the game. The boys have been involved, they had to work so hard, but had the opportunity to discover new aspects of themselves and of their personality. They were tenacious and thorough. Someone has even discovered a real talent or passion. This is the case of Luke, who impersonated Frollo, the ugly, and he put his all into acting. The aim was to make them emerge, and I think we were able to center it in full! Now probably, the recitation, even parents will find themselves in front of children other than those who knew. A great satisfaction ".

"The guys competed not only in acting, But even in song " – Silvia continues, the tutor who has dealt mainly with the musical part – "it was a difficult job, you might need a longer time. The kids have learned to sing, they did exercises on breathing and setting of song. A job that involves the whole body. There have been incidents, like having to find at the last moment an interpreter for the part of Phoebus. Angel came forward with much effort he learned the text in no time, What is not easy for a kid his age. At the beginning it was thought to make them sing holding the tape recorded track in the background even with rumor. We then decided otherwise to give the kids a chance to interpret the music, to come out on stage with their feelings and their intention. Tuesday will be a great challenge for them: keep tabs on performance anxiety, support the public gaze, rely on fellow…”.

In the golden age of the appearance story of Quasimodo, to whose physical deformity has been a clear soul and feelings of love, becomes an excuse to talk about issues relevant today as that of other. The opportunity for boys is also to be able to reflect from the role played by each in each other. How did it feel Quasimodo? Esmeralda? How did it feel Frollo? How many times our injury won't help us see reality? In giving life to the script there you question, it clashes with their own prejudices, It manages to be something else. This ability, If cultivated, Wizard, leads to powerful outcomes of awareness.

Next Tuesday college kids "religious teachers Filippini" will play, to give life to a show filled with music, colours and emotions. We will be there to applaud the enormous work done by all theteam…. and you are all invited!