The Festival of solidarity, at the Welcome Center & laboratory “Growing Together Onlus”, aims to raise awareness on this issue that we consider joint citizenship of current civil life.

We have invited to collaborate with us other associations, local institutions and the world of entertainment,and in what way, also of culture.

The Festival is started for two weeks and will continue over the coming weekend (Saturday and Sunday), According to the following program:

Saturday 1 July Meeting with arts and crafts
Guided tour “Shoulder to shoulder with…San Gennaro to Rione Sanità” by architect Massimo Rip from 18.30
Stand artisans Healthcare garden grow Along: We're all trying to contact the artisans we know
– The events will kindly present l’Councillor for territorial development and social justice of the municipality (Carmela Sermino)

Saturday 1 July Evening of music
Singing with Serena Stable
Copyright song with Alfredo Minucci

Dunday 2 July Meeting with the Bruno Lion Guarattelle hours 18.00 about

Evening music (Junk Urban Music)

Saturday 8 July Meeting with the books and the sciences

Pop Neapolitan Sound with Keith M
Multiethnic evening : Canti,dances and foods from the world

Sunday 9 July Meeting with social justice