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ACT LAB: a year of productivity and multiculturalism

The Act project Lab ended with great success and laboratories were somewhat productive. The laboratory of Theatre saw two highlights: in December accompanied by Gospel Choir Euphoria, Baptist Church and last month with a tribute to Totò in various languages. The second part of the workshop has become [...]

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The Festival of solidarity in support of the community growing together Onlus

The Festival of solidarity, at the Welcome Center & laboratory "Growing Together Onlus", aims to raise awareness on this issue that we consider joint citizenship of current civil life. We have invited to collaborate with us other associations, local institutions and the world of entertainment,and in what way, even the [...]

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Popular photo library: final exhibition at the Istituto Maestre Pie Filippini

Last week ended our laboratory "Popular Photo Library" with a final exhibition of all photos gathered at the Istituto Maestre Pie Filippini at Materdei. Students who took part in the lab so enthusiastically, they managed to retrieve vintage photos from the archives of family by choosing according to the proposed themes. This activity [...]

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Shoulder to shoulder with Totò al Rione Sanità in collaboration with the Italian Touring Club

About three weeks ago we had the pleasure of taking some Italian Touring Club members and friends in places connected with the life of Toto in his native district of health. The arch. Maximum Rip told of young Totò in Sanità district between via S. Maria Antaesecula, where is born, the Church of St. Maria della Sanità, [...]

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A stage for Totò: a Sunday in music and poetry to the village Virgins

Sunday 4 June ended our program Deano610 Totò with the event a stage for Totò in the ancient Cellar Sahib the village Virgins. A stage for Totò consisted of performances by artists and ordinary people who would sing songs or recite poems of Prince of laughter. In fact performing were Silvia Romano [...]

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DEANO610 TOTO ': a full schedule between events and tours

Antonio de Curtis was born and still lives in the Rione Sanità. Although Toto were celebrated even three funerals (the first two in Rome and Naples, the 15 April 1967, and the third in the Rione Sanità, on the occasion of the thirtieth), in fact the Prince of laughter is still alive and well among the [...]

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22ND day of remembrance and commitment in memory of the innocent victims of the mafia

Today is a day of remembrance and commitment in memory of the innocent victims of the mafia, that should never be forgotten and always remember. Currently the gangs represent a bad, Indeed a cancer born and thrived in the South of the peninsula, that is now a national. The commemorative days always run the risk of being simply a [...]

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Act Lab: first months of activity

In these first months of activity we may feel that you have registered continuity and interest among students of our workshops. Francesca, bookbinding workshop tutor, can involve the participants with his creativity and taught them to make notebooks and little cards that during the holiday season have been [...]

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Naples Invites and grow together have “Delirium Gospel to Rione Sanità”

Saturday 17 December there will be a magical evening of solidarity organized by Creative Delirium in collaboration with the Naples Invites Community growing together of Rosario Fiorenza. During the evening we will have the opportunity to present to the public everything that was produced by students who have attended our workshops within [...]

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