We value and protect the cultural identity of Naples and Neapolitans, in the name of cultural diversity and pluralism.

We facilitate the comparison with other identities present in the territory and anyone interested in the relations of conviviality and responsible sharing with the city's population.

We don't want to "do a bit of folklore" nor propose representations into cliché or romantic of "good old times", but we intend to exploit the potential of rediscovered (or, better, to re-discover) styles and ways of living more authentic, honest and, at a glance, more human.”

If you would like to participate in our activities and our projects, to support the Neapolitan and the social development of Naples, you can join to NAPOLI inVITA or help us with a contribution. Thank you!

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About us

' NAPOLI inVITA’ is a nonpartisan and nondenominational Association that – sharing the principles and objectives of UNESCO's Universal Declaration on cultural diversity’ – aims to enhance the historical and cultural identity of Naples and Neapolitans, encouraging the comparison with other identities in the area or with anyone interested in entertaining, within the same territory, reports of conviviality and sharing participatory responsible with population, especially in disadvantaged socio economic components.

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Our projects are the result of a participatory process that involves the beneficiaries and local communities, able to articulate the problems of the territory, synthesize the diverse opinions and encourage the formulation of concrete solutions, tangible and shared.

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It is unthinkable that our goals can be achieved by working alone, all the more so in a world as complex and environmentally difficult as town of Naples. A little’ at a time we are establishing relationships with Institutions, with other associations and organizations or with anyone, tuning on our own “wavelength”, intends to rediscover and promote Naples and Neapolitan.

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The stages of the Project “The Unveiled Beauty” funded by the #8217;Eight for A Thousand Baptists

By |June 30, 2019|Categories: News|

From November 2018 in may 2019 Naples invites, in collaboration with the theatre collective "Creative Delirium" (HTTPS://deliriocreativo.wordpress.com/), achieved this socio-cultural project financed with funds of the Evangelical Baptist Christian Union of Eight per thousand of Italy [...]

The Laboratory “Outdoor” visit the Church and the Polyscenic Crib of S. Nicola to Charity of Naples

By |December 22nd, 2018|Categories: News|

Craft laboratory, Creativity and tradition - ACT Lab (project financed with funds Eight per thousand of the Waldensian Church), continues its "outputs" to take the kids to know the town [...]

Craft laboratory, Creativity and tradition (ACT LAB 2.0) presents the story of the deformed Quasimodo (“Notre Dame de Paris”)

By |June 3rd, 2018|Categories: News|

Next Tuesday 5 June at 17,30, in the religious teachers Filippini "Institute" will stage the musical "Notre Dame de Paris" as performed by students of the same Institute, as part of the initiative "ACT Lab 2.0" (Lab [...]

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